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Our next Recruitment is October 2020!

Over the years, the fire service has evolved into a public safety agency providing highly technical and diverse services. The general public has come to rely on the Fire Department as the “first responder” not only when life and property are threatened by manmade and natural disasters, but for seemingly smaller problems as well. To ensure that all members of the Fire Department are prepared to deliver the best level of services required, training standards have been developed to provide each member with the needed skills, knowledge, and abilities necessary to deliver fire and emergency services to the citizens of the municipality.

To meet the requirements of the National Fire Service Standards, Mapleton Fire/Rescue have joined with the rest of the municipalities in Wellington County to facilitate a comprehensive recruit training program under the leadership of the
Wellington County Training Officer, based on the National Fire Protection Association  (NFPA) Firefighter level 1 and 2 standards. This form of training involves a great deal of reading and self-directed learning on the part of the Recruit firefighter in their first year. Recruit firefighters that have not received previous certification must attend the County training provided in the months of March, April, May, June and July at various locations throughout the County. Following completion of the training, testing will be completed by the Ontario Fire Marshal office for IFSAC and Pro-Board accreditation. Regular in house training occurs every Tuesday night with the first and third Tuesday’s being in Drayton, and the second and fourth Tuesday at the Moorefield station from 1900 to 2100 hours. The schedule is set so that both stations are training on the same material at the same time. Firefighters that cannot attend training sessions at their assigned station are able to attend training at the other station. When there is a fifth Tuesday in a month, a special training night will include both stations. Firefighters are encouraged to take part in external training such as auto extrication, confined space rescue, and pumper operations. Courses offered throughout the county through the County training officer, as well as the Emergency Services Training Center in Blyth and the Ontario Fire College are also available throughout the year. On average, a member could expect twelve to fourteen hours per month training as a recruit firefighter and four to six hours of on-going training once promoted to firefighter .

Each firefighter is assigned to a squad, led by a Captain. Firefighters are required to complete apparatus and equipment checks every fifth weekend.

Volunteer Firefighter Recruit Overview

Minimum Requirements for Application;

  • Live or work within a 10 km. radius of the station on which they are assigned
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Valid drivers license (G minimum)
  • Insurable, under the Township fleet policy
  • A reliable means of transportation to respond to alarms
  • Facial hair that may affect the integrity of the face piece seal of a self contained breathing apparatus ie. beards, sideburns is not permitted

Other Desirable Skills;

  • First Aid training
    Class D with Z endorsement or equivalent drivers license
  • Previous firefighting experience
  • Demonstrated commitment (volunteer service)
  • Related experience (Paramedic, Police, Military)
    Previous pertinent training(WHMIS, Health and safety)

Recruitment Selection Process

Information nights will be held at the Moorefield station and Drayton station October 2020

Explaination will be given to the requirements and commitment needed to become a member of Mapleton Fire/Rescue. There will be a question and answer period, followed by demonstrations of the equipment used by the department.

pplication forms can be delivered or mailed to the Township of Mapleton administration building, Box 160, 7275 Sideroad 16, Drayton, forwarded to the Fire Chief.

Applications will be reviewed to confirm that potential recruits meet the criteria.

All applicants meeting the criteria will have an interview with a team comprised of Officers of the Fire department.

The interview team will create a list of applicants, giving priority to; availability in daytime hours during the work week, permission to leave work with employers permission, employment and/or residence within a reasonable response time to the fire station, valid driver’s license with a clean abstract, current CPR and First Aid certification, previous firefighter experience or pre-service education.

Recruits will join as vacancies arise. Mandatory Country Training is held once a year and new recruits will need to complete the the training.

The selection of applicants is based on qualifications, and the ability to do the job as determined by the results of the recruitment process. The successful appplicant will be contacted with an offer to undertake a training program in preparation for commencing actions as a volunteer firefighter with the municipality.

We want to acknowledge the effort every applicant puts into the pursuit of being a Firefighter and the desire each possesses to assist in the protection of the Community.

Thank You for your consideration in joining Mapleton Fire/ Rescue